Electronic Air Cleaner

Electronic Air Cleaners

We hear plenty of talk about pollution and the air quality of our cities. But, no one spends much time talking about the air quality in our homes. We spend the majority of ou

r time indoors, much of it in our homes (don’t forget to include the time spent sleeping!) – we should be concerned with the quality of the air in our homes. Poor indoor air quality can promote respiratory problems and allergies.

What Can an Electronic Air Cleaner Do?

Electronic air cleaners can remove up to 98% of the contaminants in your household air. Allergens and pollutants can be virtually eliminated with an electronic air cleaner. Items such as lint, pollen, pet hair, dirt, and cooking grease make your home dirtier and more polluted. Eliminate them with an electronic air cleaner installed by Surfside Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc..

How Does an Electronic Air Cleaner Work?

As the air passes through the cleaner, the various particles are electrically charged with ionizing wires. Next, collector plates have an opposite charge and trap these particles. The result is much cleaner air flowing through your air ducts. Electronic air cleaners can be removed for easy washing!

Surfside Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. Keeps Your Air Clean

Call Surfside Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. to find out more about electronic air cleaners. Our highly-trained technicians can determine the right one for your needs and your budget. You can rely on our dedicated experience in the San Diego County area to help you make the right choices for your home comfort needs.

Don’t live in a polluted home – clean your air with a newly installed electronic air cleaner from Surfside Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc.. No matter what your HVAC needs are, a furnace, an A/C systems, a thermostat, or electronic air cleaner, we can elevate the comfort level of your home. We are experts in the home comfort industry and our main mission is to exceed your expectations!